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Cym. Paradisian Delight 'Stunner' Orchid Mouse Pad

Cym. Paradisian Delight 'Stunner' Orchid Mouse Pad

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Quality mouse pad with a beautiful orchid image to help brighten up your desk whilst you work or play.


As an avid grower or lover of orchids, the Cym. Paradisian Delight 'Stunner' orchid mouse pad will always remind you of their beauty and your enjoyment of them whist working away on your computer. We seem to spend a lot more time working on computers, and having something that reminds you of one of your pleasures in life, is so important.


As A Gift

The Cymbidium atropurpureum orchid mouse pad makes a great gift idea for your family members and friends who enjoy orchids just like you do. In todays technology world, it makes and ideal gift, that will be a very well used. The mouse pad can also be used for orchid or garden society/club raffle prizes, show awards prize, or annual awards prize.


The Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is made from very durable neoprene rubber, providing smooth movement and operation of your computer mouse.


Rectangular Shape

Stitched edges for a premium and durable finish

Size; 9” x 7”  (24cm x 20cm)

.11”  (3mm) thick

Non fading Print

Neoprene rubber with polyester smooth surface

Flexible and soft

Gripping base

easy clean

Suitable for all mouse types


Delivery of this mouse pad is 1 to 2 weeks.

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