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July - August Orchid Care

Orchid Care July - August

Hi orchid growers, we are now into the July - August period where the weather is starting to cool down in the Southern Hemisphere, and warming up in the Northern Hemisphere. In the south our orchids are starting to slow down in their growth, whilst in the north, your orchids are starting to grow quickly.

The American Orchid Society website has great information on growing orchids by seasons. The link below will take you to the checklist for growing orchids in July & August.

Northern Hemisphere Growers

Southern Hemisphere growers.

For Southern Hemisphere growers, the checklist is for January & February, which equates to July & August.

For those on Facebook, I recommend you like the American Orchid Society group. There are some awesome images of orchids posted every day.

For those that missed this in My, the last frontier, Papua New Guinea. On Facebook, there is a page called Orchids of Kurt. Kurt is based at Ukarumpa, Aiyura, in the PNG Eastern Highlands. Kurts hobby is orchids, and in his spare time, searches through the mountains of PNG looking for orchids.

Visit his Facebook page at Orchids of Kurt to see his amazing finds.

My family and I lived in PNG for 4 years, and in my collection, I had some of the orchids Kurt has posted on his page.

These are just 2 of many orchid society groups on Facebook. I have been enjoying seeing many photos of orchids that I have never seen or heard of before. Just because I liked or join many of these groups.

 Happy and successful growing.

Have great week,

Peter Johnson


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